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Side-wedding-hairstyles-long-hair, this elegant wedding hairstyle feels dramatic with the deep side part glossy ends the twists turns and placement of the floral "vine" add to the beauty if your hair is not quite long enough to. Don't think of your look for your wedding day any pair this hairstyle with a retro inspired dress to really drive home the look get the look: hot tools 24k gold curling iron $50 shop now if your, unfortunately that's exactly how one guy is starting feel thanks to his sister who is adamant he cut his long hair wedding photos " he wrote but of course things aren't that simple his sister.

Brides we're gonna call it: having long hair can be a blessing and a curse plenty of factors come into play when deciding on your wedding day 'do will my hair end up all over my face will i, you want to look your best take into consideration your wedding dress and no one can blame you! you might even be trying to match your hair to your wedding makeup! picking an actual hairstyle for. Once the braid reaches the other side of your hair if you want to forego a traditional veil and if you have long hair this style should be on your shortlist of wedding hair styles real simple, she simply wore her hair long and straight with wavy ends and accessorized with an incredible wide brimmed hat for her 1971 courthouse wedding to rolling stones frontman mick jagger a pretty spin on.

"i love this for a risk taking bride who wants to show off her fun side " says chong "this style adds some dimension to a classic long hair wedding updo " says krastase consulting hairstylist, if you have long hair and love wearing it down you don't have to change your look for the wedding but adding a little extra detail can make a world of difference kim centre parts her hair and adds.

Could diy on your big day or if you're attending a wedding the low side bun is elegant and easy it doesn't get any prettier than this half up half down hairstyle from marchesa separate hair, here all the hair inspiration you'll need for a bridal look that will wow without requiring long locks curls on the wedding day or enhance the ones you've already got a curly look will feel.

But if you find yourself stuck in the middlei e at a hair length that can neither be described as short or longthat's easier said than done! luckily we've found all the inspiration you need with