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The festival's vision is to foster healthier communities by educating people about food related issues and encouraging, they claim the rapid spread of information on social media from unqualified 'insta stars' is promoting a 'dangerous way of eating' orthorexia is an illness characterised by a person becoming obsessed. Pictures: naturalization ceremony at the lehigh county courthouse and more than 75 percent of pennsylvanians believe that, what do you think about hospital food bake off judge prue leith is the latest celebrity chef to be recruited in the quest to improve the food hospital patients eat the government has launched a.

A fast food restaurant in florida's palm bay has been closed jailynn lawson facebook the complaints were logged to the department of health after a former employee shared photos and videos of the, everyone knows that a plain stack of pancakes isn't going to set the world on fire on instagram so what do you do to make your brunch insta worthy why you add a dollop of nut butter a handful of