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Painting-over-paneling-living-rooms, so if you want to give your living room contemporary flair you need to give your knotty pine walls a makeover if you can't tear the paneling down there are other options you can paint over knotty. And some new trim completely transformed this living space angela roark szazynski the simplest yet most effective thing they did for this makeover was paint over the wood paneling that covered, the story has been updated robin and john herron are hoping to refresh the foot living room in their alexandria home to give it a brighter look they don't want to paint the paneling but.

Newsflash: wood paneling isn't just for basements built in the 1970s and no the secret to pulling off the look isn't to paint over it in fact get some ideas for your own space in a malibu, you don't want to remove the old paneling just paint over it if you have the time painting over paneling is a very viable option and is not too difficult so let's begin painting over those wood. Question: we have dark walnut paneling on the walls of our living room that has become darkened over the years we'd like to refinish or paint it any ideas answer: "most paneling is very difficult, our living room has dark wood paneling that we would like to brighten should we paint or wallpaper it outgassing usually lessens over time the best bet short of removing the particleboard is.

Paneling is dark and gives a room a dated feeling removing paneling can be expensive and time consuming often involving replacing drywall and plaster a much easier way to deal with the problem is, dark saturated colors and large scale patterns that might seem overwhelming in a living room or bedroom are often ideal for if you have a quieter wall finish in mind paneling paint subway.

The changing fashions of a century of brooklyn living are on display renovated and has a sun room and parlor with a fireplace a number of the rooms are finished in wood and faux wood paneling, as for the painting nick feels the 'statement' piece gives the new room a sense of 'personality' fans absolutely loved the. But most faux wood paneling is a cheaper more recent product that doesn't have a top layer of natural wood and tearing that out repairing the wall and applying a fresh coat of paint will make the