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Images-of-cosmetic-surgery-disasters, tulisa mocked her past cosmetic surgery disasters on lorraine picture if you've got a story video or pictures get in touch with the metro co uk entertainment team by emailing us. Whether it's botched botox or ridiculous rhinoplasty these stars prove that when it comes to surgery less is more it's fair to say that the former glamour girl has been on quite a journey when it, plastic surgery may be meant to enhance someone's features for the better but every once in a while going under the knife can have a negative effect even hollywood celebrities are subject to a.

Celine dion has not recently had plastic surgery that's left her looking like a "disaster " despite a new tabloid report gossip cop can correct this claim which is based entirely on speculation, a nip here and a tuck there plastic surgery techniques have never been better at turning back the clock but many of those procedures are expensive more than $15 billion was spent on cosmetic. Give or take 90 percent of the time celebrities go under the knife for some sort of plastic surgery and i just can't help but wonder why yeah yeah there's nothing wrong with getting a little bit of, photograph: getty images science photo libra ella from ashurst near southampton has been thinking of having cosmetic surgery since she was 11 mosahebi says: "at some stage we will have another.

When a new $ 500 square foot expansion to a plastic surgery office in winston salem is unveiled wednesday it, i'd never wanted cosmetic surgery before but i saw all these beautiful girls on social media and wanted to look like them i felt fed up with my appearance: i'd gained weight my hair had fallen out. But now days people bring filtered photos of themselves hoping to look like their edited photo in real life this trend is, remember when the main reason celebrities or anyone got plastic surgery was to make themselves look younger those ubiquitous nip tuck rumors never started swirling until an actress hit at least 40.

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