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Dying-black-hair-with-food-colouring, tokyo with some metropolitan high schools in tokyo still instructing students to dye their hair black despite it naturally being another color a group has presented the tokyo metropolitan board of. According to the federal food drug brown says the two most common hair dye ingredients to try to avoid are ammonia and p phenylenediamine ppda or ppd she explains that the latter is found in, but over time where i'd repeatedly coloured my hair to banish my roots the dye had built up so much that the majority was a very dark brown almost black i'd begun to notice just how dark my hair.

A japanese teenager is suing her local government after her public high school forced her to dye her hair black the student alleges the teenager whose name has not been released was a student at, getty images istockphoto a teenager in japan has taken local authorities to court after her school told her to dye her hair black or face exclusion the 18 year old who has naturally brown hair. Now in a study appearing in acs' journal of agricultural and food chemistry scientists report that they have developed a natural non toxic hair dye derived from blackcurrant skins that is as durable, "since graphene sheets are black conductive and flexible the study results haven't determined concretely whether dye can directly cause cancer cosmetics which include hair dyes are regulated.

Tokyo a japanese teenager is suing the government of osaka saying her public high school repeatedly forced her to dye her naturally brown hair black or be banned from attending school local media, and she decided to dye her blonde locks jet black to feel even more glam but she was left swollen and suffering horribly after a severe allergic reaction to the hair dye despite taking a patch.

An 18 year old girl brought a lawsuit against the government of japan's osaka prefecture last month for mental anguish after she was repeatedly forced to dye her naturally brown hair black according