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Diy-dog-beds, take a look at the video below for a quick guide on how to turn an old box into a new diy dog bed! how to make a diy dog bed doesn't that look like a fun place for pooches to catch a nap in case the. For many people pets are more than just pets they're best friends when your pup gets sleepy the carpet simply won't cut it especially for those 'paws' itively pampered pooches instead of, 1 use a hammer to get rid of any shelves dividers inside the nightstand 2 use a screwdriver to unscrew the hinges attached to the door 3 remove the door 4 spray paint all around and inside the.

Below we adapt barkpost writer ally nesmith's diy dog bed she loves collecting old bits and pieces of furniture found on the curb outside her apartment and this time she decided to revive a sweet, why settle for an overpriced store bought dog bed when you can make your own after all our furry friends deserve only the best!. Seattle we all want a comfy place to sleep and so do our pets! lacey stirkins from ar workshop seattle shows us how to create a custom pet bed perfect for any dog or cat you'll just need a few, no matter how much you love your dog nothing destroys your home's dcor like a ratty blanket in the corner you want what's best for your dog and what's best for your home that's where a diy dog bed.

Is you bed getting a little crowded get crafty with one of these stylish do it yourself projects homemade doesn't have to mean homelychoose prints and paints that blend beautifully into your home, we love our dogs so while it's a little crazy it should not come as that much of a surprise that the fix this crew is making dog beds we first had to go on a bit of a scavenger hunt to find a table.

Photo peter de graaf leonardo fisher 11 and ben houghton 12 of compostable inc produce compost bins and raised garden, for a diy project that's less "cute" and more "holy dog that's ingenious " check out this custom built air conditioned dog bed the builder made it to help his senior yellow lab cool off on hot days