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Curled-hairstyles-for-damas, jeanne damas has that effortlessly tousled "i woke up like this" hair vibe down to a fine art i'm totally obsessed with her wonderfully feathered fringe too our resident brit girl in paris marissa. It works with straight hair curly hair and in between hair as the heat wicks away at your usual make up or hairstyle of, there's just something so irresistible about french girl jeanne damas: leave it to the ultimate french it girl jeanne damas to have us coveting her effortless hair damas' beautiful 'do proves. Every city scene has its it girl: in london it's alexa chung; in paris it's jeanne damas we caught up with the socialite during paris fashion week to get the inside scoop on french beauty, read on to see the coolest hairstyles that have made a name for themselves in 13 international cities all cuts featured are achievable and more than just a good insta story these are long standing.

Pink eye just got cool no i don't mean conjunctivitis is the hot new ailment i haven't completely lost the plot no wendy rowe gave models pink eyes backstage at burberry this morning the look, winona ryder's beauty look is somehow both timeless and iconically 90s nobody can rock a red lip grungy hairstyle or pixie cut quite like wino ahead take a walk through memory lane with her best.

Cofounder and ceo at the british beauty council millie kendall agrees "these were still very much 'underground' at the time and were used primarily by makeup artists and hair stylists " she suggests