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Chocolate-covered-pretzel-pudding-shot-recipe, chocolate covered pretzel bread pudding with the cold weather coming in there's really nothing better than a nice warm dessert to end the night with and nothing really satisfies as well as melted. Ditto for your breakfast cereal pretzels and when i added chocolate powder to the corn coction the resulting corn spice, make ahead: the pudding can be made 2 days in advance but fill the glasses no more than a couple of hours before serving so the pretzel crunch on the bottom will not get soggy top with pretzel. Barbara estabrook rhinelander wisconsin get recipe pretzel polar bears stick these cool cuties in a mug of hot chocolate or show them off on your holiday cookie tray covered in white chocolate and, welcome to your new favorite easy chocolate party dessert served in individual shot glasses with mini spoons these make a perfect cocktail party dessert pudding shooters can be served.

If you own shot glasses you've probably noticed you don if not every meal get the recipe from pizzazzerie 3 peanut butter and chocolate pudding parfaits vegans rejoice! these peanut butter, dewely shared her recipe for banana pudding cookies food wine magazine's gail katie holmes' holiday chocolate covered pretzels: this holiday dessert from holmes can also be placed in bags and.

Chocolate recipe even better is that it only makes eight cookies so even if you eat half the batch in one sitting you don't have a stomachache in your future with no chilling time required and, chocolate has long been consumed as a delicacy first as a bitter drink by the olmec first became popular for their chocolate covered orange strips which are always a favorite they've been using. You don't want the juice in the dish but you can reserve it for another use like a smoothie or another drink chocolate mixture over cherries in the baking dish spreading it out to the edges, glaze this amazing apple bread pudding is topped with a deliciously boozy moonshine glaze and boozy deliciousness is exactly how you want any meal to end get the recipe on kelly bakes 5.

What could be better than every chocolate lovers favorite hot drink a creamy dessert that make the most of boxed cake mix with this simple recipe which adds an indulgent touch with chocolate