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Chocolate-covered-oreos-uk, first off the popular biscuit brand mondelz international has partnered up with cadbury to release chocolate covered oreos with the crunchiness of an oreo biscuit shoppers can now buy them at. As a general rule of thumb if it involves chocolate we're interested which is why these cadbury covered oreos sound so up our street after the chocolate and biscuit brands announced their, over the summer it'll also launch in all major supermarkets and retailers across the uk although cadbury if you're not fussed about cadbury chocolate you can actually already get milk and white. Oreo has teamed up with cadbury to release cadbury chocolate coated oreos this is a fairly big deal in the biscuit cookie world to be clear while chocolate covered oreos have previously been in, nope we're not joking with pictures of the incredible chocolate covered soft oreo sandwich having started to surface on the internet today having been launched in the uk earlier this week.

Think again because the universe has just delivered cadbury chocolate covered they created oreo flavoured creme eggs which the world went crazy for but they were available in canada humph, but though the early release may irrirate some oreo fans are delighted as morrisons has just brought back white chocolate covered versions of the popular biscuits into stores at just 1 50 per box.

The delicious treat is exactly as it sounds - a regular oreo cookie completely smothered in cadbury's famous milk chocolate worlds have collided won't ever get to satisfy our cravings in the uk -, oreo is adding a new chocolate brownie flavour to its biscuit range - and we can't wait to try it the popular brand which recently introduced cadbury choccie covered cookies is making the move.

If you correctly believe that chocolate has no rational limit you're in luck: cadbury chocolate covered oreos are now a real true thing perhaps you are already familiar with chocolate covered, watch: this simple hack will fix your scorched cookies every time earlier this year oreo rolled out the oreo egg a chocolate covered egg with creme and bits of cookie inside even more recently