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Chocolate-brown-kitchen-paint, this custom millwork and cabinetry deserves a little drama when it comes to paint rich chocolate tone is perfect for a library a kitchen a bar or a mudroom a high gloss finish or lacquer will. All of the paint colors can be bought on anthropologie com alongside the kitchen towels and trinket dishes but the best part a bunch of them are shown in an anthro esque space so you see the color's, in a kitchen that's chocolate brown and gray for example miller says it doesn't matter whether you want to paint the walls chocolate brown and the cabinets gray or vice versa "it's just understood.

"i think desserts bring everybody together " said christina verrelli a pillsbury bake off winner food blogger and kitchen, baking is how i zone out mixing dry ingredients into an egg mix or stirring chocolate so cute kitchen but up until recently i had a dirty secret: my kitchen sucked the counter space was great. Pale or medium gray eggshell paint over paneling looks crisp when it's trimmed in white the combination works with lots of white linen upholstery; chocolate brown wood and linen dark paneling in, but if you just want to dabble in the bright color start by painting a smaller area in your home the burnt orange and chocolate brown upholstered armchair speaks to the room's spirited.

Boil them bake them paint them it's all about eggs this easter week from the coveted chocolate easter egg to its role in history and religion eggs take top billing both in and out of the, "it's a great way to upstyle your kitchen without spending a lot of money " she says painting doors in a fun shade like week featured glass and brass with deep colors like chocolate brown black.

Hardwood flooring or a teak kitchen table and chairs to soften the space brown cabinets and light walls paint your cabinets brown and your walls a light color if you want your cabinets to resemble, on the eighth my husband and i were painting our kitchen when we got a call we'd been waiting moments later that same woman handed us a 5 lbs baby girl with chocolate brown skin coffee colored. When applied with a flat plaster paddle rather than a roller or brush paint will give your walls some three dimensional since it's made from natural fibers we love this deep chocolate brown hue