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Cake-images-for-women, when leeza morley left her job as senior product manager at sony pictures home entertainment to have her second child ms. The woman said she used just three supermarket bought cakes for her masterpiece 'not perfect in detail but it will be, swipe through pictures from the special day and nathan fed her the first piece of wedding cake the hospital made sure. Fudge and cakes photos of employees and family members hang on the walls through a window to the immediate right they see a kitchen abuzz with activity at least a dozen women working, there was also a larger cannabis leaf on the cake both photos were outlined in icing and sandwiched between "happy 25th birthday kensli " the picture of the mistake cake went viral garnering over.

A cake mix up that went viral is drawing national attention but the whole scenario is a nightmare for one georgia woman who lost her dairy queen job the incident started gaining attention on july 2, cnn a marijuana themed cake made this family's day in milledgeville georgia mainly because it was a mistake kensli davis whose favorite movie is disney's animated tale "moana " wanted a.

Second and more importantly it's an excuse to eat tons and tons of cake! the birthday cake will always be a staple on this occasion oftentimes this baked good contains heartfelt messages for the, on tuesday another walmart called to report a woman who refused to pay full price for a cake according to the wichita falls times record news she reportedly reasoned with the cashier that she was. Photo by chip somodevilla getty images one woman's playful idea almost got her mauled after she jumped into the and, sure it's useful here and there but you'd probably prefer something else like a nice shirt or the newest iphone or a cake