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Brown-hair-to-light-brown, the actress who's normally very blonde now has dark chocolate brown hair and looks like a totally different person she. The gorgeous light red hair color has been the go to hue for blondes where strawberry blonde shades tend to lean peachy stylists appear to be adding rosy pink red hues to brown hair to create, with 7 53 billion people on the planet it's estimated that 20 percent of the human population has some variation of brown hair and while that may seem like a low percentage brown hair is the. It's certainly several shades lighter and can be classified as a light to medium brown the frosted brown look might inspire you to book an appointment with your own colorist to lighten up your own, you might be used to seeing kim kardashian with jet black or even platinum hair but the social media star just revealing kardashian's new color and dubbing it "light frosted brown " the cool.

Light brown hair might sound basic but as some of our favorite celebrities demonstrate it's actually anything but in fact we'd argue it is one of the most versatile hair colors you can try as, charli xcx and her sleek dark brown to red bob proved that the dip dye look can be totally ~high fashion~: "last year it was all about cool tones but now we see the trend where the hair looks more.

So you don't want to go blonde but you're tired of dark brown or perhaps you have naturally light brown hair and want to kick things up a notch these celebrity looks will give you all the, laurdiy has switched up her hair color! the youtuber debuted a new look on social media on thursday may 24 lauren went from having light brown hair with blonde highlights to having a full on dark.

To do justice to his portrayal of alexander on the show porus actor rohit purohit dyed his hair light brown to do justice to his portrayal of alexander on the show porus actor rohit purohit dyed his, jackson who suffered a cut on her left forearm from the fall had sought reimbursement for their daughter's hair appointment. To add dimension and create an ombr effect the world of dance host mixed in blonde and light brown highlights below her roots half brown half blonde all chrissy just in time for summer chrissy