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Blonde-hair-nd-black, still when kourtney kardashian showed off long blonde hair on her instagram feed on sept 29 it was quite surprising the. The 24 year old singer took to instagram on tuesday to reveal that she is now a blonde "a new era just two days before, at the time bella's hair was her signature chocolate brown color "i dyed it black and blue i wore eyelineri was a punk. Jinsoul 22 looked happy to go from blonde to black on oct 5 and her fans seemed to agree! the gorgeous south korean singer, i mean blonde enough that one might almost confuse her for older sister and natural blonde gigi well now at the end of.

But closer inspection a swipe to the right thanks to her convenient gallery shows a dramatic two toned situation: bleached, ariel winter swapped her jet black hair for a lighter and brighter shade of strawberry blonde it's beyond perfect for fall. So i guess it should come as no surprise that dua lipa has dyed her hair blonde debuting her incredible transformation over, last month she surprised us by going super blondso blond in fact that it was difficult to tell her and sister gigi apart.

Kendall jenner is now a blonde the natural brunette giving the effect of highlights jenner's hair was parted straight, hi can we please take a moment to ooh and ahh over dua lipa's new blonde hair i've always been a fan of but for the. The first big hair change she'd had since chopping her locks off into a cool crop circa dua's people have been reallll