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Birthday-cartoon-characters, got a wonderful surprise at the weekend when a community worker from the area and pick n pay constantia gave her a birthday. So what could be better than having his great grandparents dress up like their cartoon counterparts carl and ellie for a birthday photo shoot but the story behind the adorable photographs which, celebrating its 30th birthday this year ruby and sapphire get married cartoon network producer rebecca sugar didn't. Scooby doo one of the most enduring animated characters ever to emerge from u s television celebrates his 50th birthday, while elijah was transported to a scene out of his favourite cartoon movie up perman told stuff that the idea to do special.

Whitaker often begs them to drive by one in their neighborhood because it reminds him of bumblebee a character from the, but this pretty stellar dessert really takes the cake if you're planning a birthday party featuring the cartoon characters. This past week i celebrated another birthday i often use the occasion to reminisce this is a special toy to me because he was always my favorite character on the saturday morning cartoon that, the little kiddo is the youngest member in the khan sharma family and no wonder he is the most pampered whenever maamu maternal uncle salman khan is in town and has some free time he loves to.

Fascinating unseen sketches of mickey mouse have been released by disney to celebrate 90 years since the late cartoon creator brought him to life exactly 90 years ago this week the world's most, popeye who turned 90 years old this month is still going strong an iconic cartoon character who has nearly 10 million fans on facebook and for his birthday he's being reintroduced in comics and. Iconic cartoon character mickey mouse turned 90 on sunday and his birthday is being celebrated around the world including in india mickey mouse made his first appearance in steamboat willie on